Welcome to our Team

Since 1991, we have helped a wide range of customers find economic filtration and recycling solutions to complex oil, wastewater, and washing applications.

Why we are different

Since 1991, we have helped numerous businesses, educational institutions, and military installations solve complex wastewater and recycling issues. We are one of the few firms in the southeastern United States with the unique combination of engineering experience in processes, chemistries, and mechanical equipment.

By integrating a wide range of equipment from different manufacturers, we design and engineer complete systems based on our customers' individual specifications.

Choose JDI,INC

We are unique in that our service is an integral part of our systems. Before, during, and after system installations, we work closely with pre-treatment coordinators, service managers and the local environmental officials to make sure everyone is completely satisfied our system and its effluent.

Customers include the US military, many privately owned businesses, and many Fortune 500 companies.