Product image of our Front Loader Cleaning System.
Product image of our Front Loader Cleaning System.
Additional product image of our Front Loader Cleaning System.

Our Front Loader washing systems are designed for industrial and automotive parts washing applications. By using a front-loading system, it allows for easier access and placing of heavy equipment onto dual turntable baskets.

With different models to suit multiple needs, our Front Loading systems can have turntables from 27” to 80”, and handle up to 10 tons of equipment. With the jog button, one can easily rotate the turntable and load or unload more equipment. Turntable rotation will be accomplished with the KEMAC® patented sprocket drive system that provides positive rotation control without the use of rubber tires, chain or belts.

The pump system will feature a Gould’s heavy-duty cast iron vertically mounted centrifugal pump complete with a Baldor high efficiency TEFC motor. The wash plumbing system will feature carbon steel internal and external plumbing. The Power Jets will be constructed of brass. Pump sizing, head pressures, nozzle selections, and other system operation characteristics are engineered specifically for each stage of your washer

All wetted and non-wetted structural and internal wash chamber components will be manufactured of carbon steel and supported in a manner to assure maximum structural stability. The strainer and external plumbing are either carbon steel or cast iron construction.

The KEMAC® design features a full three-year warranty on all rotation and structural components of the rotation system.

Features Include:

  • Centralized control panel
  • Full access swing door for ease of access and loading
  • Dual rotating turntables
  • Actuator interlock prevents opening during operation
  • Dual filtration
  • 160°F heated wash tank
  • Multiple stainless steel spray jets for full parts coverage
  • High quality, heavy duty oil skimmer
  • Full THREE YEAR warranty

Optional Features:

  • Heated Re-circulating Rinse Cycle
  • Air Drying System using multiple air knives to dry parts
  • Heated Air Drying System using multiple air knives with electrically heated air tubes to dry parts
  • A steam exhaust system used to minimize solution heat loss
  • Multi-stage filtration
  • Automatic water make-up
  • Seven day timer for automatic start-up and shut-down
Turntable Diameter Vertical Clearance Number of Baskets Total Basket Capacity Wash Solution Reservoir Wash Solution Heat
In. In. Ea. Lbs. Gallons kW's
27-120 36-120 2 300-20,000 70 18

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