Product image of our Top Loader Cleaning System.
Product image of our Top Loader Cleaning System.

Our Top-Loader Cleaning Systems are designed for industrial and automotive parts washing applications. Now, it is easier than ever to place large, dirty parts in the basket, close the lid, and come back and retrieve the clean part.

Our top loading design allows easy access to the turntable for loading and unloading while minimizing the floor space requirement associated with the typical front loader. All wash and rinse cycles are adjustable for duration and delay time following each process cycle.

Turntable positioning for loading and unloading is done with a simple Jog button that, after the door is open, can be use to rotate the turntable to a specific spot suitable for part staging.

All wetted and structural and internal wash chamber components are manufactured of stainless steel. All external structure, external plumbing, valves and fittings will either be carbon steel or cast iron construction.

The lid opening and closing operation is designed with safety in mind. The lid is opened with the aid of strategically placed gas shocks. The shocks, by themselves, are sufficient to open the lid without a secondary force.

Turntable rotation is accomplished with a patented sprocket drive system that provides positive rotation control without the use of rubber tires, chain or belts.

Features include:

  • Dual cylinder safe lid closing
  • 10-gauge construction
  • Extremely quiet operation
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Complete top access for crane loading
  • 160°F Heated wash tank
  • Low Water Shut-off
  • Overfill Drain Valves
  • Optional rinse and blow-off stages
  • NEMA-12 control panel
Model Turntable Diameter Height Power Load Capacity Solution capacity Vertical Pump Motor Size Pump Output Heat Source















¾ 18/20 4.5

TLCS-2432 24" 32" 208-230/1 or 480/3 1,000 85 1 ½ 20/40 9

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