Product image of our Inclined Plate Clarifiers (IPCL Series).
Product image of our Inclined Plate Clarifiers (IPCL Series).

Effectively Remove TSS from Wastewater!

Our Inclined Plate Clarifiers will precipitate and remove suspended material and reduce TSS in water. The flow pattern is simple. The water enters the side of the clarifier and initially goes into the inlet compartment. This compartment disperses the energy in the water so the heavier solids can drop out of suspension. Then the water travels up a series of closely-packed, stainless plates inclined at an angle of 45° or 55° . These plates interrupt the upward flow of the suspended particles which then drop out of suspension and slide down the plates to the hopper. The clarified water then continues to the top of the plates and exits the system through the effluent outlet.

If you have to treat chemical and mechanical emulsions or dissolved solids, a Mix and Flocc Tank can be installed before the clarifier. The chemicals in the tank will precipitate out the emulsions and dissolved solids, while the mixers keep them in suspension as they enter the clarifier.

This specialized design allows it to perform all of the functions of a conventional solids contact clarifier at a fraction of the space and cost.


  • Removes total suspended solids (TSS) down to 1 ppm
  • Produces 3-5% concentrated sludge
  • Removes hard to settle solids such as colloids

Features & Benefits

  • Removable plates for easy cleaning
  • Low installation and maintenance costs
  • Minimal start-up / re-start time
  • Small footprint
  • Durable Stainless/Carbon Steel construction


  • Mix and Floc Tanks
  • Thickening Compartment
  • Sludge Removal Auger
  • Mixers and Controls
  • Pumps and Controls


Model Minimum Flow Rate (GPM) Maximum Flow Rate (GPM)
JCL-84 16 64
JCL-125 32 128
JCL-200 50 200
JCL-250 65 280
JCL-400 100 400
JCL-500 125 500
JCL-750 200 800
JCL-1000 250 1000
JCL-1300 325 1300

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