Product image of our SPT- Series Clarifier Oil Water Separator System for High Solids Applications.
Product image of our SPT- Series Clarifier Oil Water Separator System for High Solids Applications.

Remove both oil and solids from wastewater! Discharge to the sewer!

Developed for treating wash water from heavy commercial and industrial washing operations, the SPT Series Integrated Pretreatment Systems integrate an inclined plate clarifier with an oil water separator to treat wash water for acceptable discharge to the sewer or surroundings.


The system flow is very efficient. After entering the inlet compartment, the oily wastewater then travels up the angled clarifier plates. These plates remove all suspended and settable solids which drop into a hopper below. After passing over a weir, the water flows through the separator coalescing media which removes all non-emulsified oil from the waste stream.


  • Truck Washing
  • Construction & Heavy Equipment Washing
  • Mining Truck Washing
  • Forklift Wash Facilities
  • Oil & Gas Drilling Operations
  • Locomotive Washing

These heavy-duty stainless steel systems are considered to be the “Best Available Technology on the Market”! They can be either manual or automatic with either pneumatic or electric pump and control systems.


  • Complete package with pump and control systems
  • Stream-lined design - low maintenance
  • Heavy-duty Stainless Steel Construction
  • 99% Removal of oil droplets
  • Heavy solids removal

Available Options:

  • Transportable equipment rooms
  • Ozone generator for odor control
  • Polishing pack for trace oils
  • pH Control Systems
  • Stainless steel debris baskets
  • Rain diverter systems

These cost-effective systems will help satisfy local, state, and EPA environmental requirements as well as reduce water usage and operating costs. We offer a range of sizes and auxiliary wash equipment that can be engineered for your particular application.


  SPT - 10 SPT - 20 SPT - 30 SPT - 50 SPT - 75 SPT - 100
Flow Rate, GPM 10 20 30 50 75 100
Construction Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel
Internal Tank Capacity, Gallons 300 470 645 968 1419 2206
Sludge Volume, Gallons 27 27 40 80 85 106
Product Tank, Gallons 30 40 40 50 75 75
Coalescing Area, Cubic feet 4 6 12 24 24 40

Pneumatic or Electric Diaphragm - Steel, Aluminum or Stainless

Control System

Pneumatic or Electric, Automatic or Manual

Approximate Dimensions

2.5’W x 7’L x
3’W x 6.6’L x
3.5’W x 9.2’L
x 6.5’H
4’W x 9.5’L x
4’W x 10.5’L
x 6.8’H
5’W x 10.5’L x 7.2’H


Ozone Generators, Polishing Packs, Rain Diverter Systems, Portable Equipment Rooms, Internal Coating for Corrosion Protection, pH Controllers

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