Product image of our Oil Analysis & Fluid Management Programs.
Product image of our Oil Analysis & Fluid Management Programs.

Oil is essential to machinery but usually out of sight... and out of mind until it’s too late. It can carry all sorts of contamination that can wear and damage your equipment causing loss of production.

We offer Oil Analysis & Fluid Management Programs, designed to help you improve machine reliability & uptime while reducing maintenance and oil replacement costs - and down time. It also supports ISO 9000 Quality and14000 Environmental Program Initiatives.

Applications include: Compressors, Hydraulics, Gear Boxes, Lube Oil, Vacuum Pumps, Turbines. Depending on your application, we can provide a range of services, including:

  • Fluid Sampling and Testing
  • Equipment Condition Monitoring
  • Comprehensive Historical Trend Reporting
  • Specific Maintenance Recommendations

As part of any program, we do an initial baseline and testing study that acts as the foundation for subsequent analyses. It includes the collection of plant equipment data, fluid data, and maintenance procedures. Fluid testing may include the following tests:

  • ISO Particle Count
  • Viscosity
  • Spectograhic
  • Water by Karl Fischer
  • TAN
  • FTIR Oxidation/Nitration
  • Patch Test

After analyzing the initial data, we can help you determine the overall chemical condition of your oil and potential machine maintenance issues. If needed, we can also recommend corrective action, including additional filtration or replacement products.

Then, on a quarterly or annual basis, we will do comparable testing to update the baseline and evaluate the maintenance program effectiveness. We will review the data with you and provide a summary for each sample that can be used to modify the current methods or trigger immediate corrective action.

We have found that by implementing a structured oil monitoring and maintenance program, machine contamination and downtime can be greatly reduced, resulting in a very fast payback!

Oil Analysis & Fluid Management Programs

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