Product image of our Quench Oil Filtration Systems.
Product image of our Quench Oil Filtration Systems.

Operating and maintaining quench systems can be a complex undertaking. Quench oils with operating temperatures between 195°F and 395°F typically face a number of operational issues including particulate contamination, water contamination and chemical alteration.

All of these factors can change the viscosity of the quench oil, which eventually affects the quality of the heat-treating process. If contamination occurs, it is expensive to drain, dispose of, and replace the oil - not to mention the time required to do it.

Como Filtration Systems are designed specifically for filtering quench oils. They will clean the oil continuously and provide the following benefits:

  • Maintain the oil's quench speed and cooling rates
  • Reduce the chance of fire by maintaining a higher flash point
  • Improve quench quality and reduce the number of rejected parts
  • Extend the life of quench oils, reducing oil purchases.
Quench Systems Housings Heat Shields Pump, gpm Pump Type
Model C-265/5QH

(2) C-1000 CP




Model C-465/10QH

(4) C-1000 CP




Typical Features - Quench Free Standing Filter System

  • C-1000CP Chrome Plated Filter Housing with Element Lifter
  • Positive Displacement Gear Pump
  • High Temperature External Pressure Relief Valve
  • 1 Ph 115 V 1725 RPM TEFC Motor
  • Motor Starter with thermal Overload Protection
  • On/Off Switch
  • 0-100 Pressure Gauge to Monitor Element Loading
  • 3/4 in NPT Inlet Wye Strainer
  • Heavy Duty Powder-coated Frame with Heat Shield

Additional product images of our Quench Oil Filtration Systems

Additional product image of our Quench Oil Filtration Systems.

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