Product image of our Case Studies - Quench Oil Filtration.
Product image of our Case Studies - Quench Oil Filtration.

PROBLEM: A machine tool manufacturer with an average weekly metal pass through of 30,000 lbs per week had been having trouble with oil contamination. This oil contamination resulted in non-uniform hardness, cracking and stained parts. The oil had to be disposed of frequently to improve the quality of the parts.


SOLUTION: Since they began filtering their 1600 gallons of Marquench oil with a Como filtrations system like the one pictured, the quality has improved dramatically. The oil lasts more than 2 years with filter changes only every 4-5 months. The annual filter cost per gallon is only $0.46.

Machine Tool Manufacturer Quench Oil Case Study

Quench Oil TypeMarquench M
Quench Oil Volume1600 gals
Carry out Volume/ yr(6.875%)110 gals
Total Volume Filtered/yr1710 gals
Oil Life2 years
Filter Type6566
Filter flowrate16 gpm
Times oil is filtered /day4.8
Time to filter oil volume100 min
Filter Life4 mos.
Filter Cost/ change$263.60
Filter Cost/ year$790.80
Filter Cost/ gal/yr$ 0.46
Metal pass-thru, #/wk30,000 lbs
Metal pass-thru, #/mo120,000 lbs
Metal pass-thru, #/filter change480,000 lbs

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