Product image of our Depth Filters.
Product image of our Depth Filters.

Our unique depth filter elements provide the most efficient axial filtration in the industry resulting in filtration down to 1 micron or below.

In some applications, our filter elements have demonstrated dirt-holding capacities in excess of 40 pounds. However, in the typical applications, a solid contaminate loading of several pounds may be anticipated.

Our 6534 filter element typically will remove and retain up to 1 gallon of water from hydraulic oils. This makes our filter elements ideal for hydraulic filtration systems, especially for dirt and moisture intolerant servo, precision, and high reliability hydraulic systems.

We have eight different filter medias and four flow depths yielding thirty-two different element selections so we can you achieve the desired cleanliness level for virtually any fluid, viscosity and flow rate. Here are some of our more popular elements.

Additional product image of our Depth Filters.
  Most Popular Depth Filter Elements

Filter Number

6524 6534 6544 6548 6554 6144 80135


Light Viscosity Oil Hydraulic Oil Lube Oil Gear Oil Water Base Lube Quench

Micron Rating

1 to 5 1 to 10 5-10 5-10 1-10    

Fits in Housing

C-1000 C-1000 C-1000 C-1000 C-1000 C-150 C-1200

Number per case

4 4 4 4 4 5 5

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